Maternity Style: Cozy in Purple

So this is basically my favorite cozy outfit. A beanie (brightly colored of course), comfy pants, a sweatshirt, a cute tote and my Hunter wellies. I can muck through bad weather all while feeling warm and stylish. I built the look around this Vera Bradley tote my great aunt gave me at my baby shower. She thought I needed something fabulous and cute that was not baby related. SO SWEET! I truly love that woman and she has impeccable taste, so I’m not surprised that I love this bag so much. It’s lightweight, but can hold so much, it’s perfect for running errands or hitting up the farmer’s market on the weekend.

IMG_4672 IMG_4681IMG_4691Hoodie: J. Crew Factory
Pants: Liz Lang Maternity
Bag: Vera Bradley
Boots: Hunter Wellies
Beanie: Random shop in London


Oh, in case you were wondering what this adorable sweatshirt looks like on a NON- preggo, here you go:


Since it’s made to be snuggly, it still fits around my growing (read: massive) belly. :) It will be perfect this fall once I’ve had the little guy, so that’s exciting.

In case you can’t tell, I’m a little obsessed by grey this fall. :) Also, if you don’t have some awesome rain boots, GET SOME.


Fall/Winter Coat Trends


My favorite part of the weather getting cooler is jacket and coats. I LOVE a good wool coat. We can thank the stylist on the show Scandal for really upping the “coat game” this year. So much so that she and Kerry Washington designed a line of coats for The Limited that are ADORABLE. They’re available TODAY online and in stores.
adco1-master495If you’re going to get a new coat this year, the trends to look for when you’re shopping are:

Pastels: Think light pink, light blue and cream (or white depending on the shade)

Greys: Charcoal and light grey

Capes: Nope, I didn’t stutter. Wool capes are SUPER “in” right now aaaaaaand (bonus) they fit over every outfit and body shape. Très chic! I have a small light cape/trench and I wore that bad boy 9 months pregnant.

Shorter Sleeves: This only works with warm elbow length gloves. If you don’t wear the correct gloves, you don’t stay warm.

Cocoon Shapes: DVF just sent a ton of these down the runway. Think poofy that tapers back in at the bottom.

Belted Styles: Either something that comes with a belt, or something you belt yourself. If you do decide to belt a coat yourself, get a wide belt. A skinny belt on a large wool coat would look weird.
scandal-splash-largeBe on the lookout. If you know you need a new coat, start looking. Figure out what your price range is and shop the stores within your budget.

Low ($50-$150): Old Navy, H&M, Khols, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, JCP

Mid($150-$350): Banana Republic, The Limited, Dillards, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Zara

High ($350+): Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Bergdorfs, etc.

The best time to buy a winter coat is actually in January/February, however keep an eye on sales. Some stores are having a fall promo right now that gives pretty decent discounts. Also, if you want one for Christmas, get it NOW (before they run out of your size) and have your loved ones store it for a few months.

Happy Fall! Go drink a Pumpkin Spice flavored beverage or something! :)


Fall 2014 Trends

ScarfFall is HERE! Ok, so knowing the weather here, it will probably get hot again soon, but I’m enjoying these cool temperatures immensely. Autumn is my favorite season of the year, and I get excited about Fall clothes. Specifically boots, scarves and sweaters/hoodies. I addressed the must have fall boot here. In addition to Over-The-Knee boots, here are a few other trends to look for:

Plaid. Specifically, a plaid scarf. Plaid is always a fall favorite, but this year the trend is HUGE. This is a very inexpensive way to wear the trend, and you have options to pick a plaid in any color palate you enjoy. There are some GORGEOUS options out there. Additionally, they provide an amazing pop of color and a visual statement to an otherwise basic outfit.
hmprodSuede. Suede anything. Boots. Heels. Flats. Handbags. Suede is “the” material for leather goods this fall and winter, so find a piece that you love and get it in suede. Or fake suede. It doesn’t matter. Also, since it is such a popular option, it comes in a wide range of colors. I have some adorable ballet flats in a cranberry red. So excited to wear them!


Over The Knee Boots. As previously discussed. You need a pair.
TB_32148401_009Window Pane Print. You’ll see these everywhere and it’s such a cute print. Perhaps you’ve seen this and didn’t know what it was called. It’s usually only 2 colors, and I have seen it the most in black and white. SUPER CUTE. The easiest way to try this is in blouse form. If you get more adventurous you can try a dress and if you get SUPER bold, go for some pants!


I may do some online shopping and find you specifics of each in the next week or so. It just depends on when this baby boy comes!

Happy Fall shopping!!



Maternity Style: Grey Coat

This look is perfect for running errands for work, and I love that this is not a maternity jacket. It’s stylish and structured and it even has a bit of a peplum flair in the back. I also am obsessed with grey this fall, so this is perfect.

IMG_4632 IMG_4635IMG_4621 IMG_4648 IMG_4650

Jacket: Banana Republic
Top: Liz Lang Maternity Tank
Pants: Liz Lang Maternity pants
handbag: Kate Spade
shoes: Sole Society booties
sunglasses: Kate Spade

This jacket is from Banana Republic and I just got it a week ago. Love it! It’s a casual addition and I love the structure and the shortened length.

As you can see, I’m pretty pregnant. :) This jacket is a great example of how to maintain a monochromatic base and add color on the top layer to draw the eye away from the stomach. In the last picture it’s harder to see that I’m 36 weeks pregnant. This applies to all outfits. Match the bottom to the top and add a different colored jacket or blazer (something with structure) and it will minimize the stomach.

I will have a few more “fall/winter” outfit ideas for you in the next coming weeks. Stay tuned, every Wednesday!


Fall Must Have: Over the Knee Boots

Yesterday I shared my love for over-the-knee boots. I really think that they are THE new shoe (boot) for fall and winter. If you want one item to help update your wardrobe this autumn, I would get a pair of these boots. They come in every heigh and style- everything from a flat riding boot, to a high heel, and even wedges. Here are a few I’ve found in a wide range of prices:

Target: Altuzarra for Target Over-The-Knee boot $79 (available in stores)
443c2645c7394b2d2c22e20b471ab97fDSW: Chelsea Crew Rush Hour Boot $29
Nordstrom: Ivanka Trump Onna Knee High Boot $199
DSW: Carlos by Carlos Santana (he designs shoes now???) Prime Over the Knee boot $130
shoes_ia62243Tory Burch Simone Over the Knee Boot $525

Coach Madeleine Over the Knee Boot $498

In case you noticed, I only picked boots in black. Granted, they do come in other colors, but with a boot like this I would suggest black as it is the most versatile. I’ve also seen these boots in places like Marshalls, Forever 21, Zara and TJ Maxx too, so  explore all of your shopping options. Some boots run small in the calves, so make sure they fit OVER the jeans/pants you will be wearing them with.   Additionally, since they are taller than normal boots, sit down with them on and check to see if they rub behind your knee. It may seem trivial, but no one wants the back of their knee rubbed raw. (I know, odd.)

If you get a pair, tag me in the picture! I’d love to see what you chose!


Date Night: Over The Knee Boot

I am officially obsessed with my new boots to the point where I am planning outfits around them. :) You know it’s gotten ridiculous when that’s where we’re at people. In my defense, I LOVE these boots. The back story: I’ve been eyeing some over the knee boots for a couple of seasons, but wanted to wait until they were a bit more mainstream before I invested in a pair. Also, living in the midwest, I try to be cognizant of trends and how long it takes for them to reach my area of the country. If everyone thinks “Pretty Woman” when they see boots over the knee, that is NOT a positive. Granted, I could have just gotten them 3 seasons ago and rocked them, but it’s the midwest. I pick and choose what trends I want to wear here.

Regardless, on to the new boots. This is what I wore for date night:
IMG_0127IMG_0133IMG_0149full bodyIMG_0142

I’m so in love with these things. Mine are  the Andie from Sole Society, but there are quite a few other options out there. If you go to any major online shoe retailer, they should have an “Over the Knee” boot section which will provide a myriad of options. Tomorrow I will share a few of my favorites!

Are there any trends you’re excited for this fall? Let me know in the comments! I’m always so excited to hear what everyone else is looking forward to!


Side note: my adorable husband wants a photo credit for these shots. So photo credit to a guy that I can’t link to any of his social media sites because he refuses to have any. Good job Ian. :)

Also, I’m 36 weeks pregnant and I am OVER this pregnancy! Ladies, I know you feel me.

A Look Back

I can’t believe I am 8 months into this pregnancy. This is insane. I literally have a month or less until my world is never the same. I’m still planning on posting when the little guy arrives, but will taper off for a month or so. I’m getting a bit nostalgic because this pregnancy has FLOWN by! Not a ton has changed, I still feel huge and I’m STILL getting morning sickness, I just added acid reflux into the mix (ugh). Little dude is kicking a ton, but seems to be moving all day and then sleeps with me when I get ready for bed. :) Let’s hope he keeps THAT schedule.

I’m doing a combination of past photos just to see how much this little guy has grown since January.



Wow, weird to look at it in succession. Regardless, we are OFFICIALLY one month out.

Prepare to panic.

Kidding. Well, sort of. ;)

I will keep you all up to date about the little guy and if I suddenly disappear, you know why. I plan on doing a few “fall” maternity looks so those of you that will still be pregnant this fall and winter will have a few non spring/summer outfits.  I should be back to part-time blogging once the little man has been here a while. Sign up for email notifications on the right hand side (or bottom) of the page and when I resume the blog posts you will get a notification.

Have a great day!