I May Regret This…

Happy Monday everyone! Guess what? I have lost my mind. Ok, I haven’t, but I’m about to do something insanely crazy. I’m about to list my entire closet on Poshmark and see what happens. Never heard of Poshmark? Check out this link for an explanation.

Why have I lost my mind, you may ask? Well, last week I complained a bit about my new body and how tops don’t fit me. That got me thinking… since I’m not in an office on a daily basis, I don’t need an ENTIRE walk-in closet dedicated to work clothes. Honestly, I am trying to edit everything in my life down. So here is my plan: pick out what will work NOW with my current lifestyle, and sell/donate everything else. I have three walk-in closets (well, 2.5 as I share the master with Ian) filled with clothes and shoes and accessories. I wear maybe a third of it. Yes, I do love having the perfect item for that one time that I’ll need it, but let’s face it. I’m a mom now and I have got to learn to let stuff go. If I won’t let AJD (my baby) hoard toys, I probably should set a good example and not hoard clothes.

Questions I’m sure you have:

1. What about all of your shoes? Oh the HUMANITY!!! 
I am going to get rid of all of the ones that I don’t wear but once a year. I will keep the Louboutins, because, well… they’re Louboutins. Let’s be honest, do I really need a pair of hot pink pumps? Probably not.

2. Are you going to list your Poshmark closet on here?
I am leaning towards no. I haven’t ruled it out, but I don’t really want to use the blog to sell my clothes. Poshmark is basically like an online consignment shop. I COULD just donate all of them, and seriously considered that, but figured my husband would MURDER me if I did that. If I want to continue to shop, I should probably not just donate a small wardrobe (half of which is basically brand new) after he’s been lecturing me for 7 years about how I don’t “need” this many clothes.

3. What prompted this?
I purchased a fair amount of clothes in the past 2 weeks and realized that I don’t wear most of what I have in my closets. There’s really no need to keep stuff around for a style “rainy day” because, let’s face it, I’ll just go buy what I need if that situation arises. Then I thought about how I’m becoming a clothes hoarder and how for the next year (or as long as I keep nursing) my body will NOT fit in the clothes I have. Time to edit. I worked in a business professional office for years, and I do not need an entire Olivia Pope wardrobe. Some pieces, yes. An entire closet? No. I’m sure my designer dresses would look really awesome with baby spit up on them… oh, wait. No.

4. Are you sure about this?
Absolutely. When I make a decision to do something, I do it. I’m very determined like that. ;) Side note (wait for it, this is a huge revelation): they are just clothes. At the end of the day, I have bigger priorities. Now, if Ian (I know you’re reading this sweetie) brings this up in conversation, I will deny, deny, deny and say that I am delirious due to the lack of sleep. :)

So that’s my huge revelation. Do you guys think it’s because of the baby? Is this normal to make large life adjustments once you have a tiny human? Am I crazy? Thoughts?

I’ll let you know how it goes.


Why hellooooooo

Hi everyone! I just wanted to drop in, say hi and give a quick update about life.


First of all, having a baby is the BEST THING EVER! (Cue snickering from other parents.) Yes, I know it’s going to stink and be craaaazy hard at multiple points, but I am loving this. If you know me, you will know that I have wanted a tiny human of my own for decades. I have always wanted to be a mom. Always. I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t believe that this tiny baby is mine. I kiss his sweet little chubby cheeks constantly and I couldn’t be happier. Serious shout out to my perfect and amazing husband that has been my rock the entire pregnancy and now with the baby. He gets up and take the 4am feedings for me because he’s just that amazing. This is exactly how I pictured my life when I was younger and envisioned a family, and Ian is a HUGE part of why I’m so happy.

Alexander is 5 weeks old and weighs 11 lbs 1 oz. Crazy. He was born (3 weeks early) at 7 lbs 11 oz. He is a chunky baby and I looooooove it! I thought babies that were nursed were supposed to be skinnier. Haha, not mine! Granted, he eats (wait for it) 5-6 oz a feeding. Not kidding. Always has since he was 3 weeks old. He eats every 2-3 hours a day and every 4 at night. That’s a LOT of food. Hence the chubby little baby I have laying next to me.

20141027_111851 20141028_130319Don’t worry, he’s sound asleep a foot away from me and the mamaRoo isn’t moving. He just likes laying on his side for naps occasionally. He has bad reflux as of last Thursday (don’t get me started on the nightmare that THAT’S been), so I relish any position that makes him comfy.

Post Baby Style

You guys… none of my clothes fit. Correction, the pants fit, the tops do not. I now understand what my busty friends have been complaining about for years. You guys weren’t kidding. If you pick something too loose, you look completely disproportionate and HUGE. If you pick something tight, you look like a prostitute. Nothing buttons up. It is RIDICULOUS and suuuuuper annoying. I think my style is going to be either hoodies, or drapey cardigans for this fall. That and wrap dresses. They actually fit and are quite comfortable. Maggy London and I are friends.


The obsession has gotten worse. I held off for a while, but now that the little guy can move around more and has chunked up a bit, I LOVE buying him clothes. So fun. Also, to celebrate losing (most of the) baby weight, I have been shopping for me. Mainly those drapey cardigans I was speaking about earlier, and shoes/boots. OOOOH! And I purchased some “joga” pants. They are jeans, but super stretchy. Not jeggings, as these are pretty thick, like jeans. I suspect they will be PERFECT for fall and winter to tuck into boots. I’ll try them out and let you know. (Not normally a Sliver jeans person, but I will TOTALLY try these.)

I will return to regular blogging soon, but honestly, this baby takes up a LOT of time. When I’m at home if I’m not holding him, I’m sleeping. That’s not really an exaggeration either. I am TIRED.  Happy, but tired.

Until next time,


Welcome Alexander James!

He’s here!DixonNB-16BLOGAs some of you may know, I just had my baby! Well, three weeks ago, today. Here’s the rundown:

Name: Alexander James Dixon
He’s not named after anyone specific, we just loved the name.

Size: 7 lbs 11 oz. 21 inches long
The kid was THREE WEEKS EARLY. He was a rather large baby considering, and I’m rather glad that he didn’t stay in there and get any bigger. 7 lbs 11 oz is big enough. He’s tall like Ian, which makes me happy.


Who does he look like? Ian. Hands down. In every way. Eyes, face, body, hands, feet, etc. He has brown hair with a slight hint of red, but that’s it.

Personality: chill.
I’m not kidding. Best baby ever. Sleeps until we wake him up, only fusses when he’s mad (i.e. he’s hungry or being changed).


I am in love with being a mom. This is basically the best thing ever. Both Ian and I have never been happier. We are beyond blessed and thrilled with this little guy.

Much love to my photographer Jacque. All of those photos turned out AMAZING!! She completely captured his little personality and I am so excited we have these.

Maternity Style: Khaki and Leopard

Continuing with some pre-baby pics, this is the last of the “Maternity” looks until I have another kiddo. This cape is one of my favorite fall pieces. It takes the place of a trench coat and provides a little style to any outfit. Paired with some neutrals and leopard flats and I’m ready to go!

IMG_4721IMG_4739 IMG_4725 IMG_4698
IMG_4742 IMG_4746

Sadly, I purchased this cape last year and they don’t make it any more. :( However, since capes are coming back in style, there are many places online to find them! If you want something warmer, they also make wool capes that take the place of your favorite longer wool coat.

None of the clothes are maternity, I just used a belly band to keep the pants on. :) (I really wanted to wear these jeans, so I made it happen, haha.) The blouse and the pants are J. Crew, while the hat and the flats are from the Gap. There is a similar bag on SoleSociety.com called the Mirren. This is basically my fall uniform: blouse, jeans, cute flats.


Maternity Style: Fall Vest

Another fall “must-have” is a vest. They’re cozy, they provide significant warmth and they’re SUPER CUTE!! This is one of my favorites, and I must say, it keeps me toasty when I need a stay warm, but don’t want the bulk of a coat. Add a flannel shirt and we’re good to go!

IMG_4754 IMG_4762 IMG_4785 IMG_4757 IMG_4765

Can we just talk about the belly? HUGE!!!!

Also, I am such a sucker for red shoes (both red shoes, and the kind with red soles ;)) This suede flats are a great way to add a bit of color to an otherwise average outfit. This is what I call lazy person styling. Haha, yes, because I am all about being lazy these days.

Regardless, invest in a vest! You will be toasty warm AND cute! Win, win!


Maternity Style: Cozy in Purple

So this is basically my favorite cozy outfit. A beanie (brightly colored of course), comfy pants, a sweatshirt, a cute tote and my Hunter wellies. I can muck through bad weather all while feeling warm and stylish. I built the look around this Vera Bradley tote my great aunt gave me at my baby shower. She thought I needed something fabulous and cute that was not baby related. SO SWEET! I truly love that woman and she has impeccable taste, so I’m not surprised that I love this bag so much. It’s lightweight, but can hold so much, it’s perfect for running errands or hitting up the farmer’s market on the weekend.

IMG_4672 IMG_4681IMG_4691Hoodie: J. Crew Factory
Pants: Liz Lang Maternity
Bag: Vera Bradley
Boots: Hunter Wellies
Beanie: Random shop in London


Oh, in case you were wondering what this adorable sweatshirt looks like on a NON- preggo, here you go:


Since it’s made to be snuggly, it still fits around my growing (read: massive) belly. :) It will be perfect this fall once I’ve had the little guy, so that’s exciting.

In case you can’t tell, I’m a little obsessed by grey this fall. :) Also, if you don’t have some awesome rain boots, GET SOME.


Fall/Winter Coat Trends


My favorite part of the weather getting cooler is jacket and coats. I LOVE a good wool coat. We can thank the stylist on the show Scandal for really upping the “coat game” this year. So much so that she and Kerry Washington designed a line of coats for The Limited that are ADORABLE. They’re available TODAY online and in stores.
adco1-master495If you’re going to get a new coat this year, the trends to look for when you’re shopping are:

Pastels: Think light pink, light blue and cream (or white depending on the shade)

Greys: Charcoal and light grey

Capes: Nope, I didn’t stutter. Wool capes are SUPER “in” right now aaaaaaand (bonus) they fit over every outfit and body shape. Très chic! I have a small light cape/trench and I wore that bad boy 9 months pregnant.

Shorter Sleeves: This only works with warm elbow length gloves. If you don’t wear the correct gloves, you don’t stay warm.

Cocoon Shapes: DVF just sent a ton of these down the runway. Think poofy that tapers back in at the bottom.

Belted Styles: Either something that comes with a belt, or something you belt yourself. If you do decide to belt a coat yourself, get a wide belt. A skinny belt on a large wool coat would look weird.
scandal-splash-largeBe on the lookout. If you know you need a new coat, start looking. Figure out what your price range is and shop the stores within your budget.

Low ($50-$150): Old Navy, H&M, Khols, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, JCP

Mid($150-$350): Banana Republic, The Limited, Dillards, Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Zara

High ($350+): Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Bergdorfs, etc.

The best time to buy a winter coat is actually in January/February, however keep an eye on sales. Some stores are having a fall promo right now that gives pretty decent discounts. Also, if you want one for Christmas, get it NOW (before they run out of your size) and have your loved ones store it for a few months.

Happy Fall! Go drink a Pumpkin Spice flavored beverage or something! :)