{Outfit of the Day} Maternity Style: Jeans and Blouse

I am LOVING this shirt. It’s quite peasant-like, and very flowy and comfortable. I should call this look peasant-chic. :) I paired the top with some maternity boyfriend jeans and some sandals that I adore to complete the look. I don’t love the idea of a pump with such a casual look, especially given the peasant nature of the top. I also didn’t want to weigh the outfit down with a huge handbag, so I grabbed my favorite coral clutch and was off!

(Fizzy hair alert, btw. Humidity is KILLING ME.)

IMG_7075IMG_7079IMG_7118IMG_7129Photos by Jacque, Inc.

Blouse: Old
Jeans: Old Navy Skinny Maternity
Shoes: Banana Republic
Handbag: Target
Jewelry: Michael Kors, Stella & Dot, BCBGeneration, and the bangles were a gift from India

I know I always talk about dressing with purpose. I promise that being more stylish in your every day life isn’t very hard. Just think about what overall look that you’re aiming for and dress accordingly. I wanted a more casual look, so I opted for a beaded necklace instead of a statement/jeweled piece. Also, the boyfriend jeans were a better choice than a pair of skinnies. Although the shirt is delicate, I wanted to mirror the complexity of the sandals with more jewelry than normal. It’s all about carefully choosing what you add to an outfit.

In regards to maternity wear and what is already in your closet: my suggestion is to keep trying on clothes that you have to see if they still fit, and if they do, WEAR THEM! I paired this non-maternity shirt with some maternity jeans and I love the look. Also, perhaps something you had in your closet was ill-fitting before and better suits your baby bump! You never know until you try. If it doesn’t fit, pack it away so that it doesn’t take up closet space.

The easiest way to tell what you have in your wardrobe is to edit, edit, edit. I can build a much more cohesive and classic wardrobe with 20 great items rather than a closet full of trends. Trust me. Maternity or not, it is always better to clean out the closet and start with a fresh slate.

Have a great Wednesday everyone and remember to rock the bump!



On Trend: The Black Watch

Remember when white watches were all the rage and everyone seemed to have one? This is also when the rubber colored bands were popular as well. Sadly, white is out. (Colored bands are too for the most part…) Now, the black watch is taking center stage in the style world. This includes completely black watches, black faces and black bands.

I personally don’t love an entire black watch, so I go for a classic white face with a thin black band. Very chic. Very simplistic. The bulky watches are still in, but there has been a change towards the more slim black watch, especially on ladies. (Guys will always have chunky and huge watches.)

As always, I have rounded up a few of my favorites for your viewing (and sometimes shopping) pleasure. Without further adieu:

Women’s Timex® Basic Watch with Black Dial Watch – Black
5889fae835db2307c14bf342dbbbe851Women’s Peugeot Swarovski Crystal Black Dial Watch – Black
16864e37a931078555ac4bb2be3ac742Women’s Merona® Mini Analog Watch – Black

Michael Kors Midsized PU Chronograph Watch.

Kate Spade “Metro Grand” Watch
e009468bfc8a7215ee1b3986139696aeAnne Klein Crystal Bezel Ceramic Link Bracelet Watch, 36mm


Burberry Check Stamped Bracelet Watch, 42mm 


If you want to go solid black, that’s fine, but as I said before, I prefer the femininity and class of the basic black band. So if you’re in the market for a new watch (or even a new band) I would go for black.

Have a happy Monday everyone!


Guy Friday: Infographic Help

So, I love this infographic and had to share it with you guys.




The original post from Men’s Style Digest said:

“Shirt aesthetics. Easy to judge.

Shirt quality. Not so much. 

Quality of a garment has nothing to do with the label or even the price, and everything to do with the materials and craftsmanship. Here are the things you need to look for when you’re shopping for a quality shirt. 

You can take it from here.”

As many of you know I’m taking a week break from blogging to work on some projects for my day job. :) So I’ll be back next week with more Guy Friday.

If you have a topic you want me to cover, send me an email, or let me know via Twitter or Facebook! This includes something heinous that you’re sick of seeing guys wear and want me to address it on the blog.

See you next Friday, guys!


{From the Archives} You need… a white t-shirt

I have frequently mentioned wearing a plain white t-shirt with everything from leather skinnies to your favorite boyfriend jeans. I will take one t-shirt (my hands down favorite right now) and show you how versatile it is.

This is the LOFT Trend Tee. It’s cotton, comfortable and the most flattering t-shirt I have ever found even CLOSE to this price range.

imageService (3)

I have this in white (ok, so I have 2 white ones), black, and white and black striped. I’m not kidding ladies. Go try this on. It will become your new t-shirt staple.

The basic go-to comfortable outfit: jeans, converse shoes:


Fashionista: leather leggings, heels, blazer


Boyfriend Casual: Boyfriend Jeans, colored blazer, loafers/boat shoes/diving mocs/etc…

dd5c7df77397712955be00501f22ca26Business chic: suit with heels


White on White: self explanatory (this works with white skirts, shorts, pants, skinnies, etc. Think solid white.)

19be237e9f82b28ee075294558cd03a6Leather paired down: leather pencil shirt and heels or flats

2552558b8cb4e4b2042a868a67039fa2Perfect Brunch outfit: colorful pencil skirt and cute flats

c9c30bc28d166046566489f50ac536a8Girls Night Out: full skirt and heels (the ladies will appreciate this outfit more than the guys)

1c7a3019e1fa154613f9006200536217Date Night: Once again, self explanatory… (although Ashley Madekwe has some amazing legs on her.)

9d2ce683b26f7f1faab5a40ae700efeaColored skinnies: this works in any season (my favorite and what I usually wear my t-shirts with)

81e1db6ac0dab71174b9caa53541037eWhen you decide to wear your t-shirt, remember to think about what type of look you’re going for. Half of dressing with style comes back to dressing with purpose. Think about what is more “you” and what you think you would look great in. Also think in terms of what you want to hide or accentuate. Hate your thighs? Wear a full skirt. Want to hide your stomach? Wear the shirt loose and untucked over skinnies to draw the attention to your legs. Want to feel stylish yet modest? Opt for a longer pencil skirt and flats.

Blazers are the easiest way to add style to any white t-shirt. This time of year they are on sale EVERYWHERE- from Forever 21 to Bergdorf Goodman.

Hopefully this has inspired you to change your view of the basic white t-shirt. It’s more versatile and stylish than you think.

Have a great day!


{From the Archives} Outfit of the Day: Leather Skirt

Remember back when I had short hair? No? Well let me remind you:

This always amuses me, as my husband LOVES my hair short and would prefer I have it short again. (We’re talking chin length bob, shortness.)

Not kidding. It’s always a fun topic in our house. It’s nice to know that I could chop it all off and he would be thrilled. :) Regardless, this is a favorite look of mine. I love the pop of red with the Louboutin’s paired with the simplicity of a basic sleeveless tie-neck blouse and a pencil skirt. This just happens to be a leather pencil skirt, which kicks the outfit up a bit.


I’m excited to be able to wear pencil skirts again!! I miss the versatility they offer and the options they add to my wardrobe.

Is there anything you look forward to wearing again after you’re finished with the pregnancy? Let me know in the comments below!



27 Week Pause

As I prepare for a crazy week at work, I thought I’d take a pause from blogging for the week. I will still have content up, it will just be some of my past favorite posts, nothing new.

I’m a firm believer of not throwing up content JUST to fill space, so I will be back next week with new posts, pregnancy outfits and Guy Friday. I’m also working on some new format stuff for the blog, so stay tuned for that.

Exciting things coming, and I hope you enjoy some of my outfit throwbacks and style advice this week while I’m off working like a crazy woman.

Have a great week!

Oh, and here’s my 27 week picture:
27 Weeks Stripes

Style tip, take a maxi dress and throw a t-shirt over it. Knot it on the side (hello, 90′s welcome back!) and you’re off!!! Casual, comfortable and covered up!


{Guy Friday} Outfit Ideas

Happy Friday guys! I know that I spend a lot of my time telling you what NOT to do (we need to purge the bad habits before we start new and better ones), so today I’m going to show you a few outfit ideas and direct you where to buy similar items.

In attempts to show a range of different styles, I hope these offer something that you can see yourself in.


Shirt (any slim fit dress shirt would work! This look requires a light color… so pick one you like)
Optional dog: The ladies love a dog, guys.


Layering Shirt

Have a great weekend gentlemen! Do yourself a favor and ponder what additions you need for your wardrobe: new shorts, new shoes, or new shirts? Start with one item and go from there. Good luck! As always, you can comment here or ask a question on Twitter.

Until next week,