Guy Friday: Super Bowl Swag

Happy Friday gentlemen! Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you know the Super Bowl is this Sunday. Even if you don’t have a team in the game, it’s still a fantastic spectacle of showmanship, food and insanely expensive commercials.

This got me thinking about team gear. Yes everyone knows about the team jersey and hat, but have you BEEN to lately? They have completely stepped up their game! Here are a few of my favorites:

(Disclaimer: I’m not a huge fan of either team, but I’ll still show the options in New England and Seattle because they DID get to the super bowl. Even if they deflated balls to get there. Side note within disclaimer: the “Tom Brady’s balls” jokes are old people. Stop already.)

This Tie

This Bowtie (hahaha hilarious)
Love this Shirt
Of course Seattle has a scarf

Look at this jacket!!! SO STYLISH
I love a good throwback hoodie
But this hoodie is MUCH better
Did you know they had Super Bowl SHOES? Yep. They do.
thumb.aspx-8Seriously. Head over to and check out gear for your favorite team. It’s pretty impressive. Side note, the women’s selection is AMAZING. I would buy stuff, but I sort of lost my love for a specific team after over a decade of playing fantasy football. I love it, but MAN it screws with your team allegiance and priorities. Am I right??

And as far as that whole expensive commercial thing- have you SEEN the Budweiser commercial with the lost puppy? That’s exactly what my puppy Wicket looked like (and acted like) when she was a baby. Now she’s a year old and being ridiculous, but that commercial made me remember her baby year and reminded me she wasn’t always this huge ball of energy and fur eating all of the baby toys (and my new carpet). ;) Lab puppies are the best.

Happy Friday gents and enjoy the Super Bowl!


Outfit of the Day: Polka Dots and a BABY

You guys. I make a big baby. IMG_9676
Happy Wednesday everyone! This might be my favorite outfit to date as I have quite the handsome companion for this shoot! AJD decided to join me today and as you can tell, I love having my baby boy with me. He really is the light of my life. It doesn’t hurt that he looks exactly like his daddy. :)


Note that the baby is suspicious of the camera at first… 

But he warms up and actually smiles a tiny bit! IMG_9654As previously discussed, I don’t do a ton of dark clothes when the baby is around, so this sweater fits the bill. I love polka dots and it’s simple and comfortable.

IMG_9655IMG_9701Photos by Jacque, Inc

Sweater: J. Crew (Similar)
Pants: J. Crew
Boots: Sole Society (Similar)

I know I say it a lot, but I seriously ADORE my baby. Those CHEEKS!!! At least once a day I thank Ian for helping me make this perfect little guy. Now, if I could only get him to go to sleep earlier at night… ;)

AJD Update:

4 months (last week)
18lbs 7oz
27 inches long
size 6-9 month clothes
size 3 diapers

So, yes, I have a HUGE BABY! I love him and his chubby little thighs! THEY’RE SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday guys!


On Trend and Popular with Celebrities: The Turtleneck

I’m not kidding. Turtlenecks are back with a FORCE this Winter. Celebrities are embracing them, and they keep us all warm and toasty. They come slim fitted or slouchy and casual. Whatever mood you’re in, there’s a turtleneck waiting to keep you warm.

012115-turtlenecks-480They work well with jeans, slacks, skirts- you name it, so grab one in your favorite color and rock a turtleneck!

Here are a few of my favorites in my three favorite colors:

High End Grey:
Cashmere J. Crew Collection Turtleneck (I live in this exact sweater)

99166_GY6469_mLow End Grey:
Merino Wool Turtleneck- Target


High End Black:
Tory Burch “Evangeline” 


Low End Black:
Old Navy

cn8821969High End Navy:
Lane Crawford


Low End Navy:


I am also obsessed with cream sweaters, BUT with the high neck of a turtleneck, I seem to always get makeup on the collar! So here is my favorite solution to that:

Chelsea28 (technically a funnel neck sweater, but I love it)


Styling tips for your turtleneck:

  • Always keep proportions in mind. Loose, comfy sweater = slim fitting pants or skirt.
  • High ponytails or buns are always a “do” with a turtleneck, they help elongate the look the high neck is already creating.
  • Keep jewelry minimal. The extra material around the neck adds some dimension to the look already, try not to guck it up with too much bling. A simple drop necklace is lovely, and basic earrings are fitting as well.
  • A bold lip always looks fantastic with a turtleneck. Keep eye makeup minimal, perhaps a bit of liquid liner with mascara.

How do you style your turtleneck? Tag me in your Instagram feed so I can see it!



Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Sunday! Last week was full of of some fun posts!


622x350I wrapped up the three-part series on cleaning out your closet. It’s SO much easier to make impactful and stylish outfits when you have less. It sounds counterproductive, I know, but trust me- everyone could stand to clean out their closet a little. I offered steps how to clean out and pare down your closet in each area:

  • casual clothes
  • work clothes
  • workout clothes
  • accessories
  • undergarments
  • shoes

Check out the series in stages One, Two and Three!


IMG_9306Wednesday was one of my favorite OOTD’s ever- a cream sweater dress paired with boots and Burberry. After I looked at the shots, I realized my hair was the same color as my accessories, haha. Regardless, I always love a good sweater dress and this specific one kept me quite warm when it was very cold outside. Check out the rest of the post here.


fullsizerender-25I was nominated for a Liebster Award! This is an award given by other bloggers to highlight newer bloggers. It’s fun to be nominated and even more fun to nominate others. You answer a few questions and then can send the same questions to those you nominate or you can make up a new set. I was lame and uninventive and chose not to change it up. :) To see what my answers were, check out the post here.


e4d5c4575ad92f749f73a34da6ac4fa7Guy Friday is my weekly post pertaining to the males of the world. I tend to keep the posts fairly simple, as I aim to educate those who want to brush up on basics and some style rules. It’s not a series for the advanced, but for those who could always learn a bit more. This week I tackled ties with my “Ties 101″ post. I always love a good “101” as it think it helps serve as a reminder as to what/how to do things. Read the post in its entirety here. 

This week I linked up to:

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It was a fun week! New changes coming to the blog soon! I could’t be more excited! Stay tuned!




Guy Friday: Ties 101

So I’ve been thinking about posting this for a while and just haven’t gotten around to it. I feel like there’s so much information about ties. I’ll try to keep it to some basic rules and we can build upon that later.

How long?
The tie should hit at your belt line. I prefer it grazing the top of your belt, but it’s ok if it hits anywhere on the belt. Below or above is a no-no.

Are skinny ties ok?
Super skinny are a no-go. Slim is fine. On the same token, unless you’re a BIG boy, don’t wear a super fat tie either. You’re not a mafia don.

What type of knots are ok?
Unless you’re Kyle Martino, a huge knot the size of a baby’s head is not ok. (Even then, Kyle, buddy… that wasn’t cool.) The true standard of a gentleman is the four-in-hand, but the half or regular windsor is fine. I’m over the crazy fancy knots people are pulling these days. Show me a solid, symmetrical knot with a killer tie and you’re golden.
Here’s a lovely visual aid from the gents over at with instructions on how to tie all sorts of knots. e4d5c4575ad92f749f73a34da6ac4fa7

To dimple or not to dimple?
DIMPLE BABY! (That sounds weird.) But seriously, embrace the dimple.

Patterns or Solids?
I ALWAYS go for a solid color. It goes with more and you can get away with it in more situations. If you hate the idea of a solid tie, get a patterned tie that looks solid from afar. That’s the easiest way to mix patterns with shirts and ties. Keep your ties a single hue. Polka dots, boxes, herringbone, etc- if it’s the same color you can wear it with almost any shirt, patterned or otherwise. It’s a nifty trick. You look suave and fashion forward, but it’s merely style trickery. Like this tie from my favorite Jermyn Street London store – Thomas Pink:

How wide should I go with my knot or tie?
Always go off of the width of your collar. If you’re confused- think about proportion. as an example- a windsor knot combined with a super slim collar would look ridiculous.

Tie Bar: How do I wear it?
Like this, and ONLY like this:
tie-bar-fig-1(It it meant to clip to your shirt AND tie, not just your tie. I’ve seen it done, and I laughed at the guy.) Also, it should ALWAYS be smaller than your tie. It should never go all the way across. Too wide = bad.

A word of caution
Don’t mistake mixing shirt patterns and tie patterns as being stylish. In fact, done poorly (as most do) it ends up making you look WORSE. Keep in mind the height of male style is a solid black tie (or bowtie) with a tux. NEVER underestimate how awesome basics look. A well pressed/starched  white or pale blue shirt with a solid, but nice, tie looks amazing. Don’t mess with the basics.

Also, a tie under a sweater? WOW. Not kidding. That, my friends, is dapper. Trust me. It’s casual thanks to the sweater, but the tie adds that extra boost of style that is under-utilized but always appreciated. Try it. It works under a v-neck or a 3/4 zip (or button) best.

Go forth and rock some serious tie style guys.

Happy Friday!